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Car Fresh Air Purifier Freshner Ionizer Deodorizer

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Auto Car Fresh Air Ionic Purifier Freshner Oxygen BAR Ionizer Deodorizer 12v

Car 12v Air Ionic Purifier Freshner & ionizer ionic air purifier

Small and exquisite design, It is an excellent product for gift This product produces the ozone and anion can rapidly eliminate the car inside soot, peculiar smell, and have force sterilization, the purification air, make your car as like bathes in the forest

Product Description


  1. Plug and play.
  2. Suit in all 12V car power.
  3. Dramatically removes poisonous gases, cigarette smoke odor & allegens.
  4. Use no chemical or agents.
  5. Release ozone
  6. inhibit bacteria growth
  7. Experience forest shower while driving.
  8. Soundless design, no motor used.
  9. Generates millions of negative ions per second.
  10. Size: 19*12.7*3cm
  11. Weight: 2.05oz

Working :

Electricity is a flow of individual electrons. Ionizers use a circuit that causes electrons to "jump" off the circuit and attach themselves to the air molecule turning the air molecule into an ion. They are very efficient air cleaners, particularly of the smaller sized, more hazardous particles including dangerous fumes of carbon monoxide etc found in the air. The ions leaving the ionizer are small, high velocity ones. These are found to be most beneficial to health. Once they collide with particles of smoke or pollution, they pass on their "static" charge to the smoke or dust molecule. This unwanted dust or smoke particle is now strongly attracted to the nearest "earthed" surface to relieve it's charge. As they drift, pollutants such as dust, pollen, cigarette smoke and even vapourised substances like aerosol propellants and car fumes are attracted to and cluster around the ions. This has the effect of making the ion grow in size. There comes a point where it is too heavy to be carried in the air, so it falls to the ground. The ability of an ionizer to remove very fine particles from the air makes it extremely valuable for health. Ionized air is also beneficial to health by it's inhalation and absorption. It sterilizes the atmosphere where it is used.


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Car Fresh Air Purifier Freshner Ionizer Deodorizer

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